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This utility provides the following functions: Configures the Pervasive PSQL v9 Workgroup Engine to be installed as a service using either the Local System account or a pre-defined User Account and...
03-14-2008 11,860 Download
File Size 288.9kB
btrieve table viewer and editor. Plus some more ... We have ceased to be engaged in the given project. Are ready to transfer it for development by the interested person. Now we prepare for a similar product...
03-26-2008 8,905 Download
File Size 950.6kB
helpful tool, download and enjoy, ideas will be accepted
03-26-2008 3,643 Download
File Size 534.4kB
BtSearch 2008 allows you to create DDF files for existing files by helping you analyze the data into its various data types including binary data. You can also edit the DDF files and print the definitions...
04-15-2008 2,602 Download
File Size 4.6MB
Command line Btrieve file recovery utility. Uses the Pervasive database engine but does not depend on positioning in the database engine. See readme for more details. Another update 7/5/2011. It should...
03-30-2011 2,453 Download
File Size 8.8kB
This tool offers an easy method to use the PSQL Workgroup Engine as an NT service. Also the same tool may be used to run the Turbo Cache engine in a V8 or later client and is useful for group Terminal...
03-26-2008 2,006 Download
File Size 128.3kB
Download this version if you want to access tables via the btrieve API interface using the .NET framework 2.0 (3.0-3.5) development environment. It includes data binding functionality. Accessing btrieve...
04-03-2008 1,788 Download
File Size 2.3MB
Here is a bit of code the load Btrieve tables from Access tables.
03-26-2008 1,462 Download
File Size 22.5kB
SQLExec is a powerful, 32-bit, command-line utility that allows you to fire off SQL statements to any ODBC data source. While originally written to allow stored procedures to be scheduled on the Pervasive...
03-18-2008 1,344 Download
File Size 165.9kB
Pervasive PSQL v9 no longer includes the Check DB Wizard. If you need to check the database in PSQL v9 as you did in V8, download and install this utility. Instructions for Installing and Running the Check...
03-14-2008 1,254 Download
File Size 380kB