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  • Re: using stored procedures from v12 in v11

    Thanks for information both of you. Bill: I did it my self. It was actually quite nice to get hands dirty on some low level api, haven't been doing that for a long time. We have own ddf builder for file, field and index manipulation (because of we still have some old Smitware based datatypes in use) and it was logical to put fix there. We have plenty...
    Posted to PSQL v12 General (Forum) by mikakoistinen on 10-15-2016
  • Re: using stored procedures from v12 in v11

    Well THAT just seems silly to me. This sounds like a job for.....Tool Man! mikakoistinen: Can you send me your DDF's via private message? I'll see if I can build a conversion tool. I can imagine a lot of developers rolling out PSQL v12 internally, but still with customers on PSQLv11, running into this as time goes on.
    Posted to PSQL v12 General (Forum) by BtrieveBill on 10-14-2016
  • Re: using stored procedures from v12 in v11

    This is expected behavior. Going older to newer (Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, etc created in v11 moved to v12) works just fine, just not the other way around. The only workaround I can think of is to copy the text of the Stored Procedure from v12 and paste it into v11. This will create them with v11 compatibility.
    Posted to PSQL v12 General (Forum) by Jay.Clark on 10-14-2016
  • using stored procedures from v12 in v11

    If I edit stored procedure in v12 pcc, it seems convert it to utf-8 or something. If I try to open it with v11 there are three extra characters in it and calling it in v11 will cause "general error". Before anyone asks to be more specific with error (like I did while talking to our distributor), I say that error is for example "[Pervasive...
    Posted to PSQL v12 General (Forum) by mikakoistinen on 10-14-2016
  • Re: PSQL installation and server ports

    Just a note about the configuration of the PSQL firewall rules during the PSQL installation... Note that the PSQL firewall rules are only configured in the manner shown in your screen shot if the ACTIVE Windows Firewall profile is set to PUBLIC at the time the PSQL installation is run. The PSQL installation always ADDS the firewall rules to all three...
    Posted to PSQL v12 General (Forum) by InstallGuy on 10-13-2016