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  • Re: Network test communication fails with one terminal

    The database client always assumes that the server's NAME is being used, as this is far more common. Because of this, the text string provided is submitted to the DNS lookup function first. Apparently, on your network, when you do a DNS lookup for the server named "", it actually returns an address! (Even more interesting,...
    Posted to Install (Forum) by BtrieveBill on 12-02-2016
  • Network test communication fails with one terminal

    Hi I have a LAN with 6 terminals connected to a Server whose IP is, we are using Pervasive Server software. Now I am trying to connect another terminal to the server and the network test communications fails. Always when I run this test I usually put in the "Server name machine" parameter the server ip address and always get success...
    Posted to Install (Forum) by jggalvan on 12-02-2016
  • Re: Pervasive V12 monitor loading error

    The last state of the monitor windows is saved in the following file: ProgramData\Actian\PSQL\rcp\workspace-pcc\.store\monitor\<server_ name>\window_state_V1.xml If you have this file, it could be corrupted somehow and causing the error when trying to restore the window state. Try loading it into an XML editor to see if it complains. In any case...
    Posted to PSQL v12 (Forum) by Linda84 on 12-01-2016
  • Pervasive V12 monitor loading error

    Hi I'm having an issue loading the V12 monitor on a Server2012 Essentials server. The error message is "The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed" This is the entry from the PCC.log !ENTRY com.pervasive.ui 4 -1 2016-11-30 11:38:07.134 !MESSAGE Unexpected Error Occurred: NullPointerException !STACK 0 java...
    Posted to PSQL v12 (Forum) by Fraser Scott on 11-30-2016
  • Re: Btreieve demical data returns only 0

    Gotcha - I will put some grey matter to it for a while and see where I end up. Thank you both so much for the assistance!
    Posted to PSQL v12 (Forum) by ddeschenes on 11-29-2016