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  • Re: Communications Threads

    Thanks, I did mean I/O threads, I was looking at the communications threads in PCC (a few above I/O) when typing it up. I'll watch the server during a heavy load with Perfmon and look to adjust.
    Posted to General (Forum) by jonyelton on 10-24-2014
  • Re: Communications Threads

    I assume that the title should be I/O Threads, not Communications Threads, right? I/O Threads are the "background writers". The threads are tasked with the job of writing updated data from the L1 cache back to the disk, through a "system transaction". By default, these transactions occur every 10 seconds. The more threads you have...
    Posted to General (Forum) by BtrieveBill on 10-24-2014
  • Communications Threads

    This is direct out of the advanced operations guide. To configure multiple client and file handling 1 The setting Number of Input/Output Threads allows you to specify how many threads are available to handle file operations. (Click Performance Tuning on the server Properties tree.) As a guideline, the value of this setting should be about 1/8 the number...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jonyelton on 10-24-2014
  • Re: Is the New Installer TOO Smart?

    We have the exact opposite issue. We get support calls at least once per week from someone installing the 64-bit Client, and reporting that "nothing works". Of course, they have a 32-bit application and a 64-bit OS, so they installed the 64-bit Client, even though all of our documentation indicates otherwise. Ultimately, this problems is because...
    Posted to PSQL v12 Technical Preview (Forum) by BtrieveBill on 10-24-2014
  • Re: Procedure Entry Point Error - PDAC component on Delphi XE

    Update Psql 11.30 to 11.31, the run time pdac libs in Psql/bin may be older than the development components.
    Posted to General (Forum) by jvarughe on 10-24-2014